2018 budget: Reps votes for special intervention fund for NAPRI   

2018 budget: Reps votes for special intervention fund for NAPRI   



The House of Representatives has directed its standing Committees on Agric Institutions and Colleges, together with the Committee on Agric Productions, to urgently package a special budgetary intervention for National Animal Production and Research Institute, (NAPRI) in the 2018 budget, to enable the Institution go into massive production of vitamin and protein fortified feeds to cater for the proposed new method of grazing in the country.

This was squeal to a motion brought before the House by Honourable Dennis Agbo representing Udenu/Igboeze Federal Constituency, Enugu State praying that the institute been specially funded in the 2018 so as to enable it realize its mandate, and facilitate a quick resolution of the perennial clashes between herdsmen and farmers.

The House also adopted the second prayer of the sponsor which was to mandated the two committees to exercise the necessary follow ups and oversight responsibility to ensure full realization of the objectives of the motion.

Bellow is the full text of the motion as sponsored by Hon. Agbo.



Hon. Dennis Nnamdi AGBO.

The House notes that:

The devastations by herdsmen have presented a serious security challenge in our recent national experience, and resulted in loss of numerous lives, maiming of people and wanton destruction of properties across several states in the country.

The House further notes that available security reports indicate that the company of cattle herders might have been infiltrated by criminal bandits, and terrorist elements with a clearly sinister agenda of destabilizing our nation.

The House is disturbed that the practice of herdsmen, roaming in wild and dangerous terrains, across the length and breadth of the country, has equally exposed them to additional danger of cattle rustlers and kidnappers, further complicating the security challenge.

The House also notes that the mobility of the herdsmen in search of greener pasture, away from desert encroachment and the adverse effects of climate change, is the root cause of the security challenge, and therefore needs to be terminated immediately.

The House is convinced that attention to provision of essential pastures and feeds for cattle (by modern breeding practices), is the key to effectively terminate the unnecessary and tortuous mobility of the herdsmen and their cattle stock, together with the attendant security challenge.

The House is aware that the National Animal Production Research Institute (NAPRI) at Shika-Zaria, was established in 1976 as the foremost Animal Production Research Institute to provide technical support and extension services in Animal husbandry in Nigeria, for the exact mandate of developing and promoting these modern practices that make nomadic farming unnecessary.

The House is further aware that NAPRI, sited on an expansive 1,800 hectares of land, has developed high energy, high vitamin and high protein grass species that can be multiplied to feed much more than our current national cattle population all year round, as well as improved cattle varieties for high meat and high milk production, and also the technology for fast animal growth and multiplication.


The House is sadly aware that all the facilities and capabilities, together with the noble objectives, available in NAPRI, have remained essentially latent due to long years of neglect.

The House is concerned that a good number of State governments, cattle breeders and support farmers are desirous of embracing the modern farming methods and now await the acts of the relevant agency, NAPRI to provide the needed guidance and extension services to enable them proceed.

The House is further convinced that a determined resolve of government to go in the right direction will encourage investment and emergence of support farmers that will greatly transform the cattle breeding value chain nationwide, in line with global best practices.


The House Therefore Resolves to:

  1. Direct the House Committee on Agric Institutions and Colleges, together with the Committee on Agric Productions, to urgently package a special budgetary intervention for NAPRI in the 2018 budget, to enable the Institution realize its mandate, and so facilitate a quick resolution of the current security impasse.


  1. Direct the relevant Committees to exercise necessary follow ups and oversight responsibilities in these regards to ensure that the objective of this resolution is fully achieved.


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