Prezda to the rescue

Prezda to the rescue


A locally designed and assembled six-seater tricycle, pezda has made its debut into the transport industry.

Chief Executive Officer of Prezda Alliance Company limited, Joel O. Ogbonna said during the unveiling at the weekend that it was a product of over five years of research efforts.

He stressed that he was driven by the desire to come up with tricycle that would provide maximum comfort for Nigerians and at the same time prove suitable for the Nigerian environment.

Said he, “looking for something better for our own people was how the idea of Prezda came about” adding that, “in 2013 l embarked on recreating and modifying that which we already have to achieve better comfort”.

He assured that the dream has been realised in Prezda noting that it has the capacity to withstand the challenges of Nigerian environment with bigger and higher tires than the available tricycles in the country.

Mr Ogbonna also added that the shocks of Prezda are rugged and could bounce out of potholes on the roads without much discomfort to the passengers.

According to him, the balance is much better than other tricycles and it has minimal possibility of summersaulting on impact.

The newly unveiled tricycle is equally fitted with surveillance cameras and rear view backing cameras. It is fully enclosed with sliding doors and windows and it seats six to seven passenger comfortably at a time.

It has steering wheel, seat belt, speedometer, five-gear speed selection, sun roof, reverse alarm, night time top light, cell phone charging sockets, and AM/FM radio system.

Other features include, large radiator for better engine cooling, removable middle seat and collapsible rear seat when there is the need to do so to accommodate loads.

It equally has a provision for overhead luggage carrier and spare tires holds. Other advantages of Prezda are big fuel tank, low fuel consumption, affordable cost, durability and available spare parts.

The debut Prezda no doubt will stimulate employments, inspire other creative minds to venture into several areas to reduce the country’s over dependence on foreign manufactured products.

Mr Ogbonna who opined that the entry of Prezda into the Nigerian transport market would dovetail into many indirect employments however called for partnerships in the area of distribution and sales to enable the company engage in mass in production of the tricycle for the benefits larger Nigerians.


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