3 Months Old Baby Stolen From Church, Found

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3 Months Old Baby Stolen From Church, Found

Yesterday being Saturday was a black day for the family of Mr and Mrs Sikanyika as their three months old daughter got missing during church service at the Seventh Days Adventist Church Tazara in Nakonde, Zambia.

According to report from Kalemba official Facebook page, the three months old baby was taken away by a woman who carried her away from her younger sister. The unknown lady carried little Natalia and no one could locate her after the first session at the Seventh Days Adventist Church. The incident happened around 9:00hrs and throughout the day little Natalia was still missing.

A report coming from Kalemba news has it that the little Natalia has been found by her Dad.

An elder of the church by name Musenga Sikanyika who is the baby’s dad, told Chete Fm news that the lady who took the baby has been has been arrested and she was their neighbor.

Sikanyika and his sister started looking for the baby from the church down to the village of Chivanya. Fortunately for him, he saw a man and a woman bottle feeding a baby. The lady who stole the baby who was identified as Emelda wanted to run away when she was their car, but the man that was with her told her to calm down can pretend to be the mother of the baby.

When Sikanyika and her sister demanded to see the face of the baby, Emelda was to reluctant about it, but the man allowed them to check.

Immediately they found out it was baby Natalia, they man ran away and Emelda was captured and arrested.

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