Armed thugs attack PDP supporters at Lamido’s Kaduna campaign office

Armed thugs attack PDP supporters at Lamido’s Kaduna campaign office


Armed thugs Thursday attacked supporters of Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP), who had converged at the Presidential Campaign office of the former governor of Jigawa State, Alhaji Sule Lamido.

The former governor had gone to the campaign office to inspect on-going works at the building located on Rabbah Road and was welcomed by a crowd of supporters.

Lamido, who addressed the supporters before the thugs invaded, lamented that the All Progressives Congress, (APC), government of President Muhammadu Buhari had deeply divided the country.

He said: “There is so much hate, demonization and persecution, such that you are only accepted as a Nigerian if you are in APC.

“If you are in PDP, they see you as dirty, a rogue, and Boko Haram and yet, the APC government is a creation of PDP because it was conceived by some of our men.

“Minus PDP, APC couldn’t have been in power. When there is peace in Nigeria, there will be development and growth. When there is stability, people can invest, today there is instability in Nigeria because our chemistry cannot blend.”

Shortly after addressing his supporters, a group of thugs invaded the venue, inflicting injuries on some of the supporters, while other dignitaries scampered to safety.

Four victims of the attacks sustained deep cuts on their necks, while the left arm of one of them was almost severed.

‘’We are busy maligning one another, dehumanizing and abusing  one another. The Nigerian government will mock you if you complain. If I am wailing, my people will say, Sule, what is your problem?

‘’This is the only government that people have been mocked for expressing their opinion. We have been demonized because of our opinion. We will not succumb because this is our country.”

He vowed that the PDP will come back to power in order to revive the country, saying “we shall revive Nigeria. Today, they have turned Nigeria to a theatre. People have been demonized and mocked, so, I am telling you the youths the future is yours.

‘’I will not tolerate any youth smoking marijuana, brandishing swords or cutlasses or any weapons.” He warned.



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