Army to commence Operation Crocodile Smile in South-South, South-West after Python II

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Army to commence Operation Crocodile Smile in South-South, South-West after Python II



The Nigerian army has said it would commence the second phase of its exercise in the South-south, code-named, Operation Crocodile Smile II, just like it has launched the Operation Egwu Eke II or Operation Python Dance II currently taking place in the South-East region.

In an interview with Signature TV on Saturday, The Director, Army Public Relations, Brig.-Gen. Sani Usman said the Operation Crocodile Smile II would cover the South-South region and some parts of the South-West.

According to him, “Look, this is the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The Nigerian military belongs to Nigeria and they have a duty to exercise in any part of the country.”

Lamenting on the controversy that arose following the launch of Operation Python Dance II in the South-East, the army spokesman said people should have waited to see how the operation would turn out before politicising it.

“It is so sad that some people try to politicise these issues. They should have exercised patience and see how this exercise would go.”

“We had Operation Harbin Kunama II covering the North-West and parts of the North-Central this year. As soon as we are done with Egwu Eke II (Python Dance), we are also going on Crocodile Smile II that will cover the South-South and some parts of the South-West of the country.

“Operation Python Dance II came about based on the encouraging feedback we received as a result of Python Dance I held last year. This is especially because of the crimes during the ‘ember’ period in the region. You know that the South-easterners, who are enterprising and industrious people, have to return to their places at the end of the year.

“Unfortunately, some criminal elements take advantage of this period to perpetrate crimes. We have armed robberies, kidnappings, and communal clashes. But the Christmas of 2016 and New Year 2017 were the most peaceful in that part of the country, and that is attributed to the field training exercise, Python Dance I.”

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