Buhari, APC prevailed on me to end phase- off with Saraki – . Marafa

Buhari, APC prevailed on me to end phase- off with Saraki – . Marafa


The Senate Committee Chairman on Petroleum Resources, Downstream, Senator Kabiru Marafa, said he had to stop the war with Senate president, Bukola Saraki, and the leadership of the 8th Senate because President Buhari and his party, All Progressives Congress (APC) prevailed on him to do so.

Senator Marafa, who made the clarification against the backdrop of claims by a coalition of northern youths which had alleged that he had transmuted from a protagonists to shareholder since he became chairman of the committee on Petroleum Resources (Downstream) on July 21, 2016, said there was no truth in the claim and allegations.

He had earlier been appointed chairman of the Committee on National Identity and National Population in November 2015 in the heat of the war between him and Saraki.

According to him, both the beginning and the end of the fight between his group, the Senate Unity Forum, (SUF), and the like minds supporting the Saraki-led Senate leadership, were determined by the stance of the party at every given time.

Marafa said:  “I did not fight Bukola Saraki because he is Saraki; I fought because my party said I should fight and when my party said I should stop, I stopped.

“ The decision to end all these hostilities and bring the two sides together was taken by APC and President Buhari himself. It was not me or anybody.

“The party said my children, come together, this one has won the senate president, you this side give them the Senate Leader and Deputy Senate Leader, and it was done, was that not what happened? ‘’Now you have formed committees, give them some committees, is that not what happened?  I don’t know why Nigerians forget things easily. It was the party and President Buhari that intervened.

“So the assertion that I was given a juicy committee to stop fighting the Senate president is rubbish, am I not entitled to a committee?  I am even more qualified to head committees by our rules, I am a ranking senator, I was the vice chairman of the Petroleum Upstream Committee in the 7th Senate for four years, it is my turn to become the chairman now.

“It is only about 30 senators that made it back to the senate in the 8th assembly and I am one of them. So by the senate rules, I am entitled to any committee, I am not saying my colleagues are not qualified, but by the rules, I am qualified to head any committee.

“So I fought because my party said this is the direction and when the party said stop I stopped. A letter was written by the party saying give unity forum this and that, and that was how Ahmed Lawan became the Senate Leader, and that was how my own committee was changed and besides, do people want me to remain irrelevant in the senate because I am defending APC?”


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