Emotions flow as groups present nomination form to Atiku

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Emotions flow as groups present nomination form to Atiku



—-  make covenant with him on behalf of Nigerians

It was a moment full of emotions and reflections as teeming supporters of the former Vice President, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar in a rare display of absolute trust and confidence in his presidential ambition converged at his Abuja campaign office to present the Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP) nomination form they purchased for him.

Making the presentation on behalf of the various support groups to the Wazirin Adamawa, the National President of one of the groups, Princess Adekemi Adesanya-Eboda of the Woman and Youths for Atiku, (WAYS) declared thus; “My name is Princess Adekemi Adesanya-Eboda. It is a rare privilege for me to stand before your eminent self, on behalf of all Atiku Support Groups in the 774 local governments areas of the 36 + 1 states of the federation and the Diaspora to make this presentation”

Continuing, she said; “*As a measure and pleasure in a leader we admire and treasure; We the support groups have put together our widows mite to purchase the PDP Presidential nomination, and Expression of Interest forms; and to challenge you to run for the office of President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria on the platform of PDP; because we the Atiku Support Groups worldwide, solemnly believe in your stewardship capacity and sagacity, competence and resilience; coupled with your immense business acumen, and enduring ability to rescue our country from squalor and poverty, insecurity and disunity.

“It is our own little way of saying thank you to a pathfinder, consummate humanist, a unifier and indefatigable defender of democracy and constitutionalism. Your Excellency, you have demonstrated these feats both as a former Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and as a private business man, with chains of businesses catering for the needs of many compatriots in the six geo-political zones in Nigeria. You are one of the largest employers of labour in our dear country. Directly you have employed 50,000 employees and indirectly created 250,000 ancillary jobs.

“Your Excellency the “REASONS” why we resolved to purchase the form for you is to make you know that:  This form is a COVENANT between the Nigerian people and your humble self.
*That the struggle and the journey that lies ahead is no longer about you, but about the people of Nigeria.*
* That you must NEVER TAKE YOUR EYES OFF the task ahead and the mission of the job – to give your all to Nigeria and Nigerians.*
*Your Excellency, we trust you that when you become the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, (insha Allah) you shall among others do the following:

*1. Operate an all-inclusive government;*
*2. You will create employment because the state of unemployment in the country is deplorable;
*3. You will provide jobs and security; to ameliorate incessant killings in the land;
*4. You will Restructure Nigeria, and bring unity, and sanity back into the system.
*Finally, Your Excellency on this day, the 31st of August, 2018, the All Atiku support Groups in Nigeria and the Diaspora, present to you the PDP presidential nomination form of 10 million naira, and Expression of Interest form of 2 million naira. It is our foundation for the destination of hope ahead.”

*We pray that by the grace of the Almighty God, you will succeed in this mission and become the next President of Nigeria come 2019.

In an emotion laden speech the Presidential Aspirant received the forms with an assurance that his commitment to the Nigerian cause was undaunted and promised never to disappoint Nigerians if given the opportunity.

He added: “The event today (purchase of nomination form) is significant and historic because this is the only time in my political career that young men and women in this country have come together without my knowledge or even consent to contribute their own hard earned money to buy me an Expression of Interest and Nomination Forms.

“You could have seen that one of the ladies who spoke virtually succeeded in getting me to weep. This is because she aptly described the challenges every Nigerian is facing
in this country today and she believed honestly and sincerely from the bottom of her heart that I could be an instrument of addressing those challenges.

“So, for such a woman to believe that I have got those

leadership qualities and including those of you who have brought out your monies to by this form, is one of the most serious challenges I have ever faced in my political career.

“And believe me, addressing those challenges is possible because we have brought young men and women, Nigerians who have got the talents, who have got the education, who have got the experience, who have got all what it take to honestly turn this country around.”

Atiku also attributed the slow pace of development in the country to the failure to harness the creative energies of young people by successive administrations.

“Putting together such talented young Nigerians requires leadership and it is that leadership we have not been fortunate enough to have on a consistent basis that this country has not been able to take her rightful position in Africa and indeed, the world,” he stressed.
That said, the Wazirin Adamawa eulogised former Chief of Staff, Supreme Headquarters, General Shehu Musa Yar’ Adua (of blessed memory) on whose feet, he learnt the
rudiments of partisan politics.

His words: “The man who actually brought me into politics, the late Shehu Yar’dua, when he invited me as a young man told us to break the regional siege that every parts of this country had been subjected to.

“He asked us reach out to every Nigerian across the Niger.To him and for him, that was a major objective; so when he died and I decided to build the Yar’ Adua centre in his memory, we got an architect to design the uncompleted bridge.

“The significance of that bridge was that we had started building bridges of understanding and unity across this country and unfortunately, the man who started building that bridge died. I wish I could complete building that bridge.


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