Ex-President Jonathan congratulates George weah, Liberia’s President-Elect

Ex-President Jonathan congratulates George weah, Liberia’s President-Elect

Former President Goodluck Jonathan has congratulated Liberia’s President-elect, Senator George Opong Weah, advising him to maintain his policy of open-mindedness in his new position.

Weah, a retired international footballer and standard bearer of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) in the Presidential election was declared winner Thursday after the Boxing Day run-off polls with over 60 percent of the votes by Liberia’s national electoral commission.

Jonathan who has just returned from Monrovia after leading the National Democratic Institute (NDI) International Elections Observation Mission to Liberia, posted the goodwill message to Weah on his Facebook page, saying: “I congratulate the declared winner, Mr. George Weah. I urge him to continue as he has started, with an open arms policy. Everybody is a winner when democracy wins. And democracy has won today.” In the message the former President also commended Liberians for demonstrating the willingness to give democracy a chance.

It said further: “Throughout my political life, I have lived by the creed that nobody’s political ambition is worth the blood of their citizens. I am most grateful to the nation of Liberia and especially the candidates, Mr. George Weah and Mr. Joseph Boakai, for living up to this creed. As co-leader of the National Democratic Institute (NDI) International Elections Observation Mission to Liberia for these elections, I salute the zest for democracy of the Liberian people.”

Jonathan and other leaders of the NDI delegation had in a preliminary statement issued in Monrovia on Thursday acclaimed the Boxing Day polls as peaceful, orderly and well-organized.

Speaking of his experienced on the field on voting day, former President Jonathan said: “I am proud of Liberians, who have come from crisis to democracy and have shown themselves to be a model of peace and stability in the region. Democracy goes beyond election day, and if Liberia succeeds, West Africa succeeds, Africa succeeds, and the world succeeds.”

In the same vein, Kosovo’s former President Atifete Jahjaga, said: “The NDI delegation would like to congratulate the people of Liberia for exercising their right to vote and for making a historic step towards the consolidation of democracy in their country. It is my hope that the positive trends that we have observed during this election will be sustained and further improved during future elections.”

In noting that voting was peaceful, orderly and well-organized as executed by trained polling officials, the preliminary statement also highlighted “aspects of voter participation, election administration, women and youth participation and security.”

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