Why House is opposed to merging of CRK/IRK in school curriculum-Leader

Why House is opposed to merging of CRK/IRK in school curriculum-Leader


The Leader of the House of Representatives, Mr Femi Gbajabiamila  on Sunday shed more light on why the house was opposed to  the merging of Christian Religious Knowledge and Islamic Religious Studies in school curriculum.

Gbajabiamila (APC-Surulere I) told principals of public schools and parents in his constituency in Lagos that such a merger lacked basis in the 1999  Constitution (as amended).

He said at a Town Hall meeting with the principals and parents that merging the two  subjects infringed on the  students’ right to choice.

He said the Constitution guaranteed the right of all citizens to freedom of religion and choice, adding that merging the two religious subjects and making it compulsory for students was unfair.

According to him, “religion is a very sensitive issue in the country which needs to be handled carefully at all times.

“The House of Representatives has taken a position against the merging of CRK/IRS because it is not supported by the constitution.

“The Constitution, as a matter of fact, guarantees the freedom of everyone to choose and practise the religion of one’s choice.

“So, we think students should be given the freedom to choose to take either IRK/CRK based on his or her religious conviction or interest so it should be optional.

“Also, students should be allowed to take either of the two subjects irrespective of their religion if they are interested,” he said.


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