Leave Jonathan Out of Your Media Trials, Rescind Subpoena Now –Save Ijaw Group

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Leave Jonathan Out of Your Media Trials, Rescind Subpoena Now –Save Ijaw Group

A Niger Delta rights organization, Save Ijaw Nation Group has accused the Buhari Administration of masterminding the subpoena issued against Ex-President Goodluck Jonathan by Justice Okon Abang.

The Group in a statement  alleged that the order given by Justice Abang of the Federal High Court in Abuja for the former President Goodluck Jonathan to appear before him was negotiated with the former National Publicity Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Chief Olisa Metuh, as a means of letting him off the hook.

The statement said:

“We have reasons to believe that the government of the day is out again to attempt to annihilate the reputation of former President Goodluck Jonathan through any means possible, including using Justice Okon Abang to issue a subpoena against him.

“When Jonathan said the government of the day propagates lies, their response was to launch a fresh attack on his personality rather than address the issues he raised. For over two years since coming into power all this government has done is blame Jonathan for their ineptitude and cluelessness.

“It is now clear to us and to all Nigerians home and abroad what their plans are, that is why they have asked their preferred Judge, Justice Abang to summon the former President knowing fully well he has no reason to do so. They intend to have an excuse to deploy their security agencies to harass, intimidate and embarrass Jonathan for speaking up against them after a very long time of condoning their attacks against his person.

“But we will resist Justice Abang and his coconspirators who seek to ruin the respectable former President’s image as they did Nigeria’s economy. Their sinister plot will fail and we will do whatever it takes to legally put a stop to this reign of impunity by this government and its allies.

“We like to remind Justice Okon Abang and the government of the day that there are some dogs you cannot call a bad name let alone hang. Our illustrious son cannot be humiliated by testifying in the dock on any matter and for anyone. We advise Justice Abang to immediately rescind the subpoena he issued against Jonathan and leave Jonathan out of his media trials.

“It is also unfortunate that a character like Mr. Olisa Metuh would surrender himself to be used to impugn the character of his former boss and the leader of his party. We have always known him as a fickle-minded fellow but little did we realize that he could go to this length as a saboteur. He should realize that cursed is the fate of the one who, like Judas in the Bible, sells his soul for mess of pottage.

“Mr. Metuh is just one person out of so many from the past Peoples Democratic Party-led Administration that are being prosecuted by the Government of the day. What is then special about his own case that would require Metuh to subpoena the former President? Or has Metuh turned a turn-coat to go into conspiracy and bargain with those out to disgrace Jonathan, just because he wants to keep the contentious money discovered in his account?

“We call on all Nigerians to wake up and stand against impunity and abuse of office currently going on under this government.  If we continue to allow those who have served us meritoriously as a nation get dragged in the mud all in the name of politics, soon we would have no future to look forward to as a nation.

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