NAPRI has the solution to herdsmen/farmers’ clashes—Rep Dennis Agbo

NAPRI has the solution to herdsmen/farmers’ clashes—Rep Dennis Agbo


The National Animal Production Research Institute,(NAPRI) has the magic wand that can put permanent end to the herdsmen/farmers clashes in the country, a member of the Federal legislature Rep Dennis Agbo has said.

Speaking on Kaakaki, an African Independent Television, (AIT) Thursday morning, Agbo who is also a member of the House Committee on Agriculture noted that the institute has the capability to provide quality and enough feeds to take care of whatever number of livestocks in the country.

He said “time has come for us to review our cattle breeding system to save further bloodshed in the country and even improve on the quality and quantity of yields for the herdsmen”.

Honourable Agbo who represents Udenu/Igboeze North Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives also disclosed that the institute has vitamin, protein and energy fortified grasses stocked in bales in its large warehouse in Zaria that could help the breeders achieve healthier and better yields than what they have presently.

Citing the example of the Saudi Arabia which produces  1.5 million litres of milk daily from cows through ranching despite being in a desert country, the federal legislator stressed that Nigeria could do better with modernity given the vast resources available to it.

He further stressed that “the objective of everybody at the moment should be how to guide our herders to modernity by advocating for ranching adding that NAPRI if given the support would provide the platform.”

According to him, “what is required is for the herdsmen to be given orientation for a period of one or one and half years within which they will transit from the present nomadic system to ranching and they will be better for it”.

Honourable Agbo equally noted that ranching if adopted would trigger of a multiplier effect which would in turn provide employments and investments in the area of feeds as applicable in poultry farming.

He said that NAPRI alone has 1,200 hectares of land for grass cultivation which if well utilised would be enough to feed the cattle adding that, “once the herders are taught the modern method and they get to know that they can achieve better yields with minimal efforts their fears will be eliminated.”




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