Niger Delta Group accuses Dickson of sponsoring fake impeachment story to spite Jonathan

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Niger Delta Group accuses Dickson of sponsoring fake impeachment story to spite Jonathan

…says Bayelsa Gov. also plans frivolous court case against ex-President

A Niger Delta rights group, the Niger Delta Roundtable has threatened to expose all the atrocities being committed by Bayelsa State Governor  Seriake Dickson if he does not cease from sponsoring fake media stories against former President Dr. Goodluck Jonathan.

The group which made this known in a statement signed by its Bayelsa State acting coordinator, Tony Ile also alleged that the governor has commissioned lawyers to “file frivolous court cases to embarrass Dr. Joathan.

The statement said: “We are out to align ourselves with the recent warning issued by the Niger Delta Youth Movements NDYM against Bayelsa State Governor Seriake Dickson as regards his continued attack against
the person of former President Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

“It is no secret that Dickson has failed as a governor and it appears the only way he can divert attention from his gross incompetence is to continue to rake up non-existent fallacious issues and sling mud on the former President.  We had thought that a governor who was recently adjudged to be the worst performing in the Niger Delta by ThisDay
newspapers would gain wisdom, roll up his sleeves and get down to work to ensure the the hapless people of Bayelsa experience the dividends of democracy for the first time in 6 whole years, But not the blustering and shameless governor Seriake Dickson.

The group further accused him of reckless media spending, saying: “He is busy frittering away what is left of Bayelsa resources by buying up media space and the conscience of some hack writers who are out to spray his putrid fart on the pages of Nigerian print and social media. The rest of the resources of Bayelsa people he has brazenly stolen
while abandoned projects in Yenagoa and elsewhere continue to cry out for attention.

“In the past one week he has been busy running a campaign of calumny against Dr. Goodluck Jonathan and his family in a bid to score cheap political points. He is so desperate that he is even sponsoring negative stories against his government with the aim of blaming it on the former President.  The latest in this bizarre campaign was the
fake impeachment plot against him which the Governor himself planted in the media, in a bid to whip up sentiments from the same good people of Bayelsa whose mandate he has betrayed and has continued to shamelessly abuse.

“We have it on good authority that the follow up to this fake news with the headline “Bayelsa lawmakers resist plot to impeach Dickson” has already been written and waiting to be published. Even if he no longer hides his hand against the former President, why is Dickson ridiculing himself with such chaotic and predictable media campaign.
With all the money he is pumping into the media, he has failed to galvanise a credible argument against Dr. Jonathan.
“We hear he is even taking his theatrics to a whole new level by recruiting some charge and bail lawyers to file frivolous cases for the arrest of President Jonathan. Just how low can this imperial but empty governor descend? He should realize that while he is busy abusing Dr. Jonathan and wishing him evil, the rest of the world has continued to celebrate the same man. As we speak he is still out there in the world circuit spreading his message of peace and unity.

“His last stop as was widely reported by the media was an engagement in far away Malaysia where he presented a keynote speech at a World Peace Summit that drew participants from over 100 countries.  With a vindictive, incompetent and wasteful man as Governor there is no doubt that Bayelsa State is facing a clear and present threat of
underdevelopment, we do not want to contemplate the exact fate that will befall the political career of Dickson the serial betrayer, but we do know quite certainly that he would not end well. We should again remind him that we will not standby and watch him rubbish our icon of democracy and the pride of the Niger Delta.”

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