’We do not have 6,000  armed militia in Benue –  Gov. Ortom

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’We do not have 6,000  armed militia in Benue –  Gov. Ortom


Governor Samuel Samuel Ortom of Benue State has denied allegation that his state was harbouring 6,000 militia to fight herdsmen.

He said:  “We started the implementation of the open grazing prohibition law on November 1, 2017 and it went on well here and people who flouted the law are already facing prosecution.

“Those who were not herdsmen that went after the cattle of herdsmen are currently being prosecuted. I know that three youths are currently in remand and are being prosecuted for rustling and for killing herdsmen and other associated crimes.

“They are facing trial at the moment. On the other hand, about 18 herdsmen are also remanded and are facing trial for violating the law.

“So this shows that we are law abiding people and we will always seek to do the right thing. That is what l always tell my people to do. That is why when people brought the issue and allegation of armed militia in Benue I didn’t give it any attention.

“You are all witnesses and saw that when I came in, I disarmed those militia gangs we had here and those weapons we recovered from them were publicly destroyed.

“Moreover if I have armed 6,000 militia as being alleged, don’t you think I would have sent and kept them in my own council ward in Guma local government where no herdsman would come and take and kill my people in cold blood?”


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