Prof Sagay hits hard at APC

Prof Sagay hits hard at APC


—–-says party can’t convince Nigerians it’s fighting corruption


The Chairman Presidential Advisory Committee on Anti Corruption Professor Itse Sagay Sagay has hit hard at the leadership of the ruling party, All Progressives Congress,(APC) accusing it of promoting corruption.

Professor who spoke on Channels Television last night said that with the kind of leaders currently managing the party it would be difficult to convince Nigerians that APC was serious about fight against corruption.

He recommended that the leadership should be removed even as he praised the appointment of Justice Ayo Salami as chairman of the Judicial Committee to monitor the corruption cases in courts.

Professor Sagay who had recently traded words with the APC leadership over his criticisms of the officials however, was short mentioning names of the said officials yesterday.

Asked by the programme anchor on the faceoff with the APC leadership, he said: “If you have a big party which has a specific mandate to fight corruption or at least reduce it drastically to a level that it will not stop the nation’s development, then the members of such party must be seen also to be fighting corruption.

“If you have such mandate as a party and you have people in that party who are actively promoting corruption or they are subject of corruption and promoters of corruption, what they are doing is denying the party (the opportunity) of truly fighting corruption, then it is better to totally remove people of that nature from the party and form a smaller party in which everybody would have confidence in themselves rather than have a big party in which people are doing things contrary to what the party stands for” he stated.

He said further, “My view is that the party hierarchy and party leadership and not the government, the party are condoning corruption and they are hobnobbing with those corrupt party members and therefore setting a stage for the government to have serious problem when there is need to convince that is entitled to have another term in government.”


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