Religious leaders deceive people a lot — CAN president

Religious leaders deceive people a lot — CAN president


The President, Christian Association of Nigeria, (CAN), Dr. Samson Ayokunle, accused some religious leaders of being insincere while commenting on the issue of killing of innocent people in the country.

Ayokunle, who was represented by the Bishop of Yola, Bishop Stephen Manza at Inter Faith Dialogue Forum, (IDFF) said: ‘’As religious leaders, we need to condemn evil in this country.

We’re seated here today as religious leaders, but how sincere are we in what we say? “Christians at all levels believe in peace.

This is time for us to speak with one voice. But my concern is whether we are sincere in what we are doing.

“We religious leaders, we deceive people a lot.   We say one thing when we have another thing in mind. Our tribal and religious affiliations have overshadowed our Nigerianness

. “The problem is that we keep mute once a person is killed if he is not a member of our faith. Another thing is that we identify with people of our faith, even when the person is doing the wrong thing. We all know that President Muhammadu Buhari is not handling the security situation in the country well but certain persons are not talking, may be because he is a Muslim. And when Jonathan was there, some Christian leaders kept quiet because he’s a Christian.”

On his part, the Archbishop of Abuja Catholic Dioceses, John Cardinal Onaiyekan, however, assured Nigerians that the problem of insecurity threatening the soul of the nation was surmountable if Nigerians build trust among themselves.

He said: “Nothing happening in this country now that is beyond us, it is within our hands.   But just like the Bishop of Yola has said, we need sincerity.

“We shouldn’t be praying for peace, when in the real sense, we are the ones causing crises everywhere. Talking for peace will give peace if there is truth.  So, we must learn to build trust, trusting one another. We must join hands to do what is right.”

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