Reno condemns alleged hate song against Ndigbo circulating in North

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Reno condemns alleged hate song against Ndigbo circulating in North


 —–calls for the arrest of those behind it

Bestselling author, Pastor Reno Omokri has condemned an alleged anti-Igbo song allegedly circulating, especially, in the northern parts of the country.

Pastor Omokri who cautioned that those behind the hate song should not be overlooked also called on the federal government and the security agencies to, with immediate effect, arrest and punish them.

Recall that the country has been tensed for some weeks now following the notice of quits issued to Nigerians of Igbo extraction by the northern group, Arewa youths, to vacate all northern states before October 1st or there could be some negative consequences.

Although several prominent Nigerians have condemned the hate speech against Ndigbo and called for the arrest of those behind it, no arrest has been made till date.

Meanwhile, members of the northern group and some Ndigbo living in the north had organised a peace and conflict resolution meeting on Thursday to ensure peace and smooth co-existence between south easterners and northerners especially those living in the north.

However, the reported hate song against Ndigbo allegedly circulating in the north is stumbling block to the peace already being built between the regions.

Pastor Omokri who condemned the hate song also said that if such is not dealt with now, then it would amount to sending a very negative message that genocide is condoned in the country. According to him, “Nigeria must not take the reported anti Igbo song circulating surreptitiously in parts of the country lightly!” “

In 2008, Rwanda’s most famous Musician, Simon Bikindi, was convicted for using his songs to ignite the Rwanda genocide by the International Criminal Court.

“ I call on all Northern leaders to condemn this song! Those behind the song must be traced and immediately arrested, tried and punished severely.

“ If we treat them like the Arewa Youths whose arrest was ‘ordered’ by Nasir El-Rufai, but never implemented by the Nigerian Police even as they continue to walk freely and grant interviews, we will be sending a very terribly wrong message that genocide can be condoned.” Let me also urge the international community to intervene.”


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