Restructuring will save Ngeria from criris, Nwodo warns

Restructuring will save Ngeria from criris, Nwodo warns



The President- General of apex Igbo organization the Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Chief Nnia Nwodo yesterday said the nation might slide into a deeper crisis without restructuring.

He said the clamour for the restructuring of the country is not given a deserved and urgent attention.

He recommended a revisit of the report of the 2014 National Conference. He said the Igbo remain the most marginalized in the country.

According tohim, Igbo leaders were losing control of their youths because the youths could no longer understand why the injustice against their tribe should continue unabated.

A statement by Ike Abonyi, who is the Media Adviser to the Ohanaeze boss, said Nwodo  spoke in Abuja on Friday at a live political programme on African Independent Television (AIT).

He said: “Unless we restructure this country, we will slide into an uncontrollable crisis.

“Nigeria has the potential of a world power given its growing population but stand to lose out if the right administrative structure is not given to it.

“Nigeria is a world power, but if it continues to be wrongly administered it will continue to be a laughing stock.

“It’s not possible that this country can go on the way it is.  This constitution in operation is not drawn by Nigerians but by a few interest group in the military, but the people are asking through restructuring to make their own constitution.

“Nothing seems to be working because the current structure is not designed to work.  It’s not designed to encourage productivity.”

The President-General reiterated his earlier stand that Ndigbo remains the most marginalised in the country despite their commitment to the nation.

Nwodo lamented that the country’s body politics was insensitive to the plight of Ndigbo despite their overwhelming contributions to the socio- political and economic development of the country.

“We are losing control of our children, our youths can no longer understand why the injustice should continue unabated,” he added.

He expressed regrets that the Nigeria system as currently constituted kills endeavour and discourages productivity.

On  how to go about the restructuring, the Ohanaeze leader suggested “a revisit of the 2014 National Conference which had Nigerians from all sectors and headed by a former Chief Justice of Nigeria.

“The resources used in the conference should not be wasted just because some people do not like the administration that set up the conference.

On the advantages of restructuring, Nwodo examined the declining importance of oil as a major source of revenue.

He gave examples of the Netherlands and California both of which built their strong economies out of agriculture and human capital development and maintained that restructuring was the surest way to attain fastest economic growth for Nigeria.


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